Based on the advisory received from AMFI on 2nd March 2023 , which is pursuant to SEBI letter dated February 24, 2023, B-30 incentive structure is put in abeyance with effect from March 01, 2023. B-30 incentives for the month of February 2023 would be paid as per normal brokerage payment cycle.
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    This section describes the formation and history of Bank Of India Investment Managers including its JV partners, Senior Management and Board of Directors.
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    This section describes in details about all the schemes being managed by Bank of India Investment Managers.
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    Mutual Funds
    This section is relevant for all investors who would like to get detailed information about Mutual Funds and how to invest in Mutual funds.
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    This section is relevant for all existing and new investors to obtain Fact sheets, Product literature and other relevant documents to make an informed decision to subscribe to Bank Of India schemes.

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